Getting Lost



Still Bird, 2014

Been there for a while
Dead bird in the yard
Don’t know when it died
Now it’s frozen hard

Winter greyed its eyes
Winter curled its toes
Winter took its breath
Death revealed its bones

Still bird please say
What can you see?
With them grey, dried up eyes
That stare up at me?

Dead bird spoke to me
It said “You sad sad girl
“When I look at you
“I see your cold, dead world”

Oh bird, I’ll take you in
Come to my home with me
Perhaps your cold white bones
Will teach me how to see

I look down at you
And know you did sing
Now you’re just cold white bones
And you can’t sing a thing

I took my sweet bird home
I listened night and day
That little dead bird had
So many things to say

“Oh girl, you won’t survive
“Your happiness is through
“Oh you’re just killin’ time
“Til time up and kills you”

Oh, cold dead bird
What you say is true
There was a bird inside my heart
And now it looks like you

Winter, come take me
I cannot sing no more
I’m ready to be bones
On the forest floor

Take me and my sweet bird
Oh let us fly away
Oh let us leave this place
Where all is cold and grey

Oh, sweet dead bird
Let’s fly away
Let’s leave this place
Where all is cold and grey