Strange Readings



Frustration, 2010, 14:24 (excerpt)
in collaboration with Maxime Clusel, PhD, and Eric Corwin, PhD
A project for the Drawing Center, New York, NY

In this video, I collaborate with physicists Maxime Clusel and Eric Corwin to explore “frustration”, a term in physics describing groups of particles in which neighboring pairs like to be in opposite states, making groups of three very precarious. We found that the concept of frustration played itself out perfectly in our attempts to plan a new video project together: like three particles, we could never achieve a state of order and satisfaction. We argued, fought, tested our friendships, and finally we lay the project to rest. Over the course of all of the drama, I kept a journal of our conversations and interactions. The video piece Frustration explores my relationship with my two collaborators through narrated journal entries that generate a diagrammatic drawing on my studio window. In this work, science becomes a tool for channeling the complications of friendship and collaboration.

Frustration: Formation 29
Photograph from the set of Frustration